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Colourful Pile of Old Books

Arthur Klebanoff


Arthur has handled books with over $1 billion in sales.  In 2001, Arthur founded RosettaBooks, an independent eBook publisher which for twenty years disrupted the publishing business.  Arthur has published, represented or packaged over 75 thought leadership titles.  Arthur founded RodinBooks to publish books by impactful leaders.


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Sells backlist commissions of Scott Meredith Literary Agency – – to Harold Ober Associates.

Becomes Founding Publisher of upon sale of the eBook catalog to MEP Capital.

Publication of Moonshot! by John Sculley which launches RosettaBooks into thought leadership publishing.

Publication by Lexis Nexis of an eBook article Entertainment Industry Contracts eBook Publishing. The first comprehensive discussion of eBook contracts.

RosettaBooks publishes for twelve years the first eBook edition of The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People by Stephen R. Covey which becomes the worldwide lead Kindle nonfiction title and the Amazon example that bestselling backlist titles can be released in eBook without cannibalizing print sales.  That acquisition kicks off a ten year Kindle alliance which propels RosettaBooks as the only publisher to hit the Inc 500 Fastest Growing Privately Held companies list.

Publication of the 7th Edition of Janson’s History of Art after a six year negotiation with Prentice Hall.  The new edition is covered on the front page of the New York Times. Arthur Klebanoff also represented James Q Wilson for publication of his D C Heath text on American Government.  

Publication of his book The Agent: Personalities, Politics and Publishing. The book becomes a basic account of literary agent deal making. 

Launches .  Random House sues over who owns the eBooks rights to backlist titles.  RosettaBooks with the support of the Authors Guild and the Association of American Representatives (the agents’ trade association) prevails and establishes an important pro-author precedent.

Commences representation of Mayo Clinic for consumer publishing.  As its business affairs advisor assists Mayo Clinic Press become the leading consumer health publisher in the United States.  

Acquires the assets of Scott Meredith Literary Agency from the estate of Scott Meredith.

Joins International Management Group (“IMG”) as head of its publishing team.

Commences acquisitions of direct response leather-bound rights for Easton Press. 3,000+ titles later, Easton Press is the dominant US leather-bound publisher. 

Forms the literary agency Arthur M. Klebanoff PC. Clients include Easton Press, Roger Tory Peterson, Daniel P. Moynihan, Sheila Lukins and Richard Nixon.  Legal clients include CBS corporate

Joins Mort Janklow and Jerry Traum.  Becomes partner in the law firm Janklow, Traum & KIebanoff and cofounder of the literary agency Morton L. Janklow Associates, Inc.  Authors include Bill Safire, Judith Krantz, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Sidney Sheldon, Linda Goodman and Danielle Steel.  

Graduates from Harvard Law School.  Harvard Law Review 1972.  Co-founder of political consulting firm Josephson and Klebanoff whose clients include Bill Bradley

Assistant to Daniel P. Moynihan in Richard Nixon’s White House.  Resigns over Kent State and Cambodia incursion. 

Graduates from Yale University.  First participant in Yale Urban Intern Program in New York City (John Lindsay, Mayor).  Wins Alpheus Henry Snow Prize for “inspiring in his classmates an admiration and love for the best traditions of high scholarship.” 

November 2022 

Publication of first two Rodin Books titles.

January 2023

Sells estate copyrights of Roger Tory Peterson (Peterson Field Guides) and H. W. Janson (Janson’s History of Art) to International Literary Properties.

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